The child is the future, the child is love itself

We would like to continue the words of the great writer Victor Hugo, "The child is the future," in this way: "The child is love itself." Probably, you agree that children brighten up any home and fill it with happiness and laughter. Their cheerful eyes give us faith and hope for a happy future. As long as those eyes laugh and rejoice, all will be well. But sometimes, a severe illness comes into their carefree world and takes everything away. We want as many children as possible to have the opportunity to live healthy lives.

Sun of Hope Public Foundation was registered on July 29, 2002, in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) with the Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic (Certificate No. 208140-3301- OF). Our main goal is to support quality medical care for children.

Tasks of the Foundation:

  • Targeted assistance - fundraising for the treatment of children.
  • Program assistance is the long-term charity development to provide systematic aid to those in need.
  • Developing the volunteer movement - we want to gather volunteers willing to help children permanently.
  • Promotion of charity activities. Charity is a common cause, and one in the field is not a warrior. Our task is to gather people around the Foundation, for whom there are no strangers to children and those ready to give their love and care for our protégés.

"Since ancient times, the sun has stood for hope and is a creative energy symbol. For the Kyrgyz people, the sun means light, openness and vitality. The sun is a symbol of eternal life. We want as many children as possible to have hope for a healthy future. Our goal is to warm them with care, to take them by the hand and give them the sun of hope. Mercy is a great healing power. I hope that we will be able to gather kind people around our foundation, for whom there are no strange children, those who are happy that children look at the world with cheerful eyes. Dear friend, I am sure that we are going the same way. Welcome to our warm fund.” Director of the Sun of Hope Foundation Dina Makarenko.

We stand for honesty, openness and trust. That's why you can track each of your donations on our website. We publish monthly reports on a special "Reports" page. We value our friendship with you! Our mission is to save children who cannot get treatment in their home country. Sometimes it happens that in their home country, all possibilities are exhausted. Unfortunately, modern treatment methods are not available for all children. Some find salvation in another country, and others lack money. There are still many such families. We come to their aid, our foundation with a team of like-minded people - people for whom children are the love and future of our planet! Let us work together to give children a healthy childhood. May the sun of hope warm all those in need. Let a seriously ill baby know that adults will save him no matter what. 

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Our wards look at the world with their eyes wide open, regardless of illness. They believe that adults will help.

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