Our projects

For Life

Every child has the right to a healthy childhood. Never give up if you cannot get help from your home country, or if there is no medication you need. Our "For Life" project helps seriously ill children to receive highly qualified medical care.

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Time to help

Our goal is not only to provide targeted assistance to children but also to solve the problem qualitatively to provide long-term assistance to the hospital so that every child can receive the necessary drugs and undergo diagnostics in time.

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Smile for the sun

Childhood should be happy! Even if a severe disease has entered the child's life, we adults must do our best to give children moments of happiness and joy.

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Give hope

One in a field is not a warrior, especially when we talk about saving the lives of children. One of our activities is the development of the volunteer movement.

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Helping together

We feel the responsibility to promote the ideas of kindness and mercy in society, which is why we stand for systemic charity. Systemic charity projects aim to help many people at once. Systematic help is not one-off, but regular.

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Sunny nutrition

Diet and nutrition are very important in the treatment of these children. Most children simply cannot eat their usual food during aggressive therapy, which can make recovery even more difficult. Parents of seriously ill children often turn to us for medical nutrition and special preparations needed as part of the treatment protocol.

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Box of Courage

To support, to help, to inspire and to give children joyful moments even in challenging hospital routines

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Three wonderful children are waiting for your help!

Minimal Residual Disease expensive diagnostics

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Help children have a future

Our wards look at the world with their eyes wide open, regardless of illness. They believe that adults will help.

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