Three wonderful children are waiting for your help!

Three wonderful children are waiting for your help!

Their mothers have been desperate ever since they heard that their children have cancer. Have you ever heard such words? We hope never in your life.... 

It could have come to every home. And the people caught in it deserve great kindness and support. 


Asanov Barsbek 

One day, a terrible disease tore him from his happy childhood. His temperature rose sharply, and his leg began to ache... No treatment helped, and in autumn, the family found out that it was blood cancer!  


Madina Rakhmanova

Madina has myeloid sarcoma with soft tissue lesions in the right orbit of the eye - a rare malignant tumour that occurred as a relapse after leukaemia.


Borubaeva Alina 

"On admission to the NCMCH, Alina had a bloated stomach, was vomiting, was not walking at all and had no appetite at all. In June 2023, we were admitted to the paediatric oncology department with the diagnosis of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia M-5. Since then, it has been 6 months of treatment, received 6 chemotherapy punctures. 

So far, we need MRD analysis to understand how the treatment is going and what will happen next. Please help us! The analysis is costly.”- Aigulsun, Borubaeva Alina's mum.


Minimal residual disease (MRD) is a small number of tumour cells that can cause a recurrence. The Kyrgyz state does not pay for the MRD test, but it is the basis on which the whole world determines the tactics of blood cancer treatment.

You see three children who are in dire need of adults to save them. To help or to pass by - your free choice ... The truth is, your help today will give them a happy life tomorrow. If we collect the necessary amount of money soon, they will get the correct treatment to avoid terrible things and get a ticket to adulthood.

Any help today will give these children a happy tomorrow!


Help children have a future

Our wards look at the world with their eyes wide open, regardless of illness. They believe that adults will help.

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