Sunny nutrition

Children are our greatest asset. They should feel protected and happy. But it happens that a serious illness breaks into their happy lives, bringing pain and suffering and robbing them of their joyful childlike laughter. As much as we want to, we cannot heal all the children at once whose destiny is to struggle with serious illnesses. But we can help them to walk this path without pain - to alleviate suffering.


Specialised nutrition plays a major role in the treatment of complex diseases. Parents of seriously ill children often turn to us for medical nutrition and special preparations needed as part of the treatment protocol.


The non-profit organisation "Sunny Nutrition" aims to provide specialised nutrition to children who, for various reasons, cannot eat their usual food. Diet and nutrition are very important in the treatment of these children. Most children simply cannot eat their usual food during aggressive therapy, which can make recovery even more difficult.


Goals of the "Sunny Nutrition" Direction:


  • Providing specialised medical nutrition for seriously ill children.
  • Procurement of expensive vitamins prescribed by the attending doctor.
  • Procurement of special groups of supportive medicines.


By supporting the direction of "Solar Nutrition", you are helping children whose bodies have been weakened by severe therapy. It is in our power to enable children to live without suffering. Support the direction, and give children a pain-free life!


Help children have a future

Our wards look at the world with their eyes wide open, regardless of illness. They believe that adults will help.

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