Helping together

The most beautiful music of the soul is kindness.


Romain Rolland, a French writer.


We are happy to be involved in the creation of this beautiful music of the soul. For kindness is the warmth of our soul. When we help those, who are desperate for support and help, when we do a good deed, the person becomes happy and needed, his soul is transformed, and life is filled with harmony and light. When one comes into contact with another, sorrow and extends a helping hand, one feels better. Even scientists confirm that acts of kindness increase activity in the area of the brain responsible for the perception of joy.


Charitable foundations give faith in the best to those desperate for support. We feel the responsibility to promote the ideas of kindness and mercy in society, which is why we stand for systemic charity. Systemic charity projects aim to help many people at once. Systematic help is not one-off, but regular.


The charitable orientation "Helping Together" aims to provide systematic help to children who are in need. A reserve fund has been set up within the project so that we have the possibility to:


- Complete urgent charges when there is catastrophically little time. Unfortunately, sometimes the child's life depends on the urgency of the collection.

-To buy medicines or pay for expensive check-ups for our charges, when the parents' financial means are already exhausted, and the fight for life is still ongoing.

- To hold events and master classes for seriously ill children. Doctors have long found that positive emotions make it easier to endure a serious illness.

- Develop a movement of volunteers. Volunteers are our indispensable helpers. Their help is invaluable. They help raise funds, organise events, and organise various actions, which in turn can draw public attention to the problems of serious diseases.


Support our "Helping together" project. Let us work together to give kindness to seriously ill children. The world changes people! The world is us!


Help children have a future

Our wards look at the world with their eyes wide open, regardless of illness. They believe that adults will help.

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