We all wish that children would never get sick and that their laughter could be heard in every home. But unfortunately, in some families, there is a violent illness that robs them of a happy childhood. We advocate for those whose voices are lost in the general noise. We act as a bridge between society and those who desperately need help. Our main goal is to save as many children as possible. Our work is guided by the principles of openness and transparency. We value our friends and try to justify the trust of our benefactors.
Our activities are carried out within the framework of the legislation in force. The Foundation's reports are publicly available. Donation reports are available on this page at any time. Fundraised funds are transferred directly to the accounts of the medical institutions where our patients are treated. Or they are used for the purchase of medicines or equipment specified in the contract.

We do not transfer money to parents and do not work with organisations that do not have medical licenses.
Good deeds help to keep humanity and faith in the best in this world! With your help, you give our protégés hope for a healthy life and a happy smile! Thanks to you, we became a real support for families, which are desperately trying to save their children. Thank you for your trust!

Help children have a future

Our wards look at the world with their eyes wide open, regardless of illness. They believe that adults will help.

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