Tips from a psychologist: How to handle a situation when a child lies.

24.02.2024 06:36

Thank you for supporting our new chapter with tips from a pediatric psychologist. Today, we will discuss another interesting topic that concerns many parents - what to do if a child lies? As a parent, you may have asked this question at some point. Let's try to find an answer together.

The topic of lying is a fascinating one. It's a fact that everyone lies to some extent. We often tell small lies in our daily lives, such as asking a family member to say we're not home when we don't want to talk to someone who's calling. It's important to acknowledge that lying is a common occurrence in which we all participate to some degree.

Several factors in psychological tests help determine a person's sincerity and willingness to share information. Additionally, there are norms of lying which suggest that everyone lies, but not all lies are the same. Sometimes, children may lie about serious issues, and this can have significant consequences.

It is important to handle each situation individually and find out the reason behind a child's lying behaviour. It could be due to conflicts at school or other issues. We often underestimate the seriousness of children's problems and concerns. However, it is essential to understand that we also had similar issues at their age, and they seemed enormous at that time. Therefore, we should let the child know that we value their problems and sincerely try to help them overcome them. This way, the child will not feel the need to deceive us, and they will understand that their parents are their great friends who will always come to their rescue, provide advice, and support them.

We would like to express our gratitude towards Anastasia Andreevna Novoselova, the school psychologist who assisted us in preparing this material.

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