Radik Khaidarov

Diagnosis: Bruton's disease (primary immunodeficiency)

Needed: Treatment at the Children's University Hospital of Zurich (Switzerland)

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Radik is at daily lethal risk! Save the baby!

"When Radik was born, his parents were overjoyed. They already had a daughter and were eagerly waiting for a son. When Radik's mother saw him for the first time, she was proud and thought, "Is this really my son? He is a true champion!" However, a few days later, she learned that her beloved son was born without any form of protection."

Radik has Bruton's disease. Because of the gene breakage, the baby has no immunity, and any of the most harmless colds can take his life.

This diagnosis had already been in their family with the baby's uncle, and it had been passed on to Radik on his mother's side. Boys are more susceptible to this serious disease. Tiny became one of those who were unlucky in this. Statistically, Bruton's disease (agammaglobulinemia) is sporadic (the ratio of newborn boys is 1:1000000). Due to lack of immunity, any disease that is not dangerous to other people can lead to tragedy.

Radik's family adjusted their whole way of life to the peculiarities of the baby's health. Before going out or travelling anywhere, they weigh all the pros and cons. Because any mass holiday, a simple visit to a guesthouse or a trip on public transport is a zone of deadly risk! And most often, for their son's sake, they stay home. Once in a while, they visit relatives, but only when they are sure that everyone is healthy.

Visually, Radik looks like a completely ordinary child. Except that an accidental runny nose lasted for four months. The baby had continuous yellow secretions from the nose and had bacterial flora. For four months, the family was stressed. We won, but what's next? 

Radik required an urgent bone marrow transplant to boost his natural immunity. Transplant is not available for his disease in his home country. The Children's University Hospital in Zurich is ready and willing to accept the baby, giving hope to the family. It is impossible to afford the treatment expenses for Radik's family.

The baby is gradually growing up and is often referred to as the "little hero" at home. He relishes discovering the world around him, crawling into the most secluded corners of the apartment, playing with his sister, and eating with a hearty appetite. His meals consist of cottage cheese, porridge, and vegetables, and surprisingly, he even likes to chew on a bone! "When he is in the hospital, he greets all the children he meets with a smile."The boy has a weak immune system which makes him vulnerable to the world's fungi, viruses, and bacteria. His mother looks at him with love, but her heart aches with the pain that she has bottled up for years. She fears that her little boy may face the same fate as her brother. The thought of losing him is unbearable, and she cannot even bring herself to consider it.

We have an opportunity to help Radik. He needs to undergo BMT, and his mother is asking for help!

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