Thank you to everyone who supported Barsback!

01.02.2024 15:29

Dear supporters, the fundraising is now closed! Hooray! The boy's family is grateful from the bottom of their hearts to the kind people who gave him a chance to beat cancer! The boy would not have been able to fight without your support. Thank you for not abandoning him in this terrible trouble!

Barsbeck was a very tough guy from birth. He only got sick once. And at that moment, Mum was ready to trade it for all colds and acute respiratory infections. It was cancer. They say a child's immune system gets stronger after a cold. But cancer doesn't make you stronger. Its purpose is to break them and beat them until the end. It seems that children are strong, fighting and enduring. But what do they endure? These babies just want to live and cling to life until their last breath. One of them is our Barsbeck. And there was no one to help him but you!

Cancer came with pain in his leg and a fever. It was not diagnosed immediately. Now the doctors have found an effective treatment, but the cost of medicines is too much for Mum! Soon, she may lose her son if nothing changes! The fact that Barsbek was suffering from cancer seemed the worst. But it got even worse.

The poor little boy had suffered measles pretty hard. The doctors were already preparing him for transfer to the infectious disease department, but Barsbek got a little better, even though the analyses were better than expected. The attending doctor decided to send Barsbek home to recover without finishing the chemotherapy course. The treatment itself was already an ordeal. One can imagine what the little boy went through when measles joined the torment!

On the 3rd of February, our patient boy has to return to the hospital again. Barsbeck will have to undergo 8 courses of chemotherapy. Part of the way through, and it is impossible to give up. But the worst thing is not even cancer or measles... The cruellest thing was that amidst all the pain, there was no money to save Barsbeck! Mum couldn't buy the medicine he needed. The little boy was scared and endlessly lonely. He didn't know if the adults would be able to help him in time. Whether they could or not, it was up to you and us. Thank you for righting such an injustice and giving Barsbeck the gift of freedom from illness!

Get well soon, brave little boy!

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