Barsbek Asanov

Diagnosis: Acute leukaemia, unspecified cell type

Needed: Diagnosis of MRD in Gemotest Laboratory

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Don't leave Barsbek in trouble! Help him beat cancer!

Barsbeck is a cheerful and funny boy. He doesn't speak much, although he understands everything pretty well and likes to smile more. He has a brother and two sisters growing up with him. He loves to play hide and seek and draw with them and then from the neighbouring yard. He also has pets: a horse Robbik, cows and chickens. Barsbeck is also friends with them. But now he is deprived of these childhood joys, and his life consists of one pain!

After all, he is a little patient in the paediatric oncology department. And this is the worst verdict for a child in any family. Now, he needs help. Support the little one, don't let him give up! 

Barsbeck was born on 6 January 2021 as a healthy baby. Rarely he had flu or other illnesses. But one day, a wicked illness ripped him from his happy childhood. His temperature rose sharply, and his leg began to ache... His family took him to the nearest medical centre. There, he was prescribed an antibiotic and cold medicine. But the situation did not improve. Then, the boy was tested for ferritin and haemoglobin. There was a suspicion of liver failure.

No treatment helped, and in autumn, the family found out that it was acute leukaemia! 

The family went to the Bishkek Children's Oncology Department. At the end of October, they received a terrible diagnosis of acute leukaemia. Now, the boy is undergoing complicated treatment at the National Centre for Maternal and Child Health in the Department of Children's Oncology.

Barsbek needs an expensive diagnosis of minimal residual disease, which is not included in the list of free services. Doctors at the oncology department and patients often ask our foundation to help pay for this examination, which allows them to assess the effectiveness of treatment and predict the course of the disease. Barsbek's parents have also asked for help, as their son's future depends on this diagnosis. 

To the despair of many families with seriously ill children, the MRD (minimal residual disease) test is not paid for by the state, but the whole world uses it to determine the treatment of blood cancers, while in Kyrgyzstan it is available only for a fee. This analysis makes it possible to detect blast cells even in the smallest amount and thus prevent relapse. The ratio is 1 blast per 10,000 blood cells. According to the free tests, the child may be in remission, but in reality, he is not, and this will rob him of the chance to notice and stop the cancer! Help the family pay for the tests! Barsbeck desperately needs your help!

Help for Barsbek is being provided as part of the Time to Help project. It is crucial to get diagnosed as soon as possible to rule out a relapse and save the child's life.

Barsbek is a wonderful little boy who likes to operate the phone, watch cartoons, and treat doctors well because they save his life, but he is so afraid of injections and giving blood from his finger. He likes soup with potatoes, pasta and rice porridge. He gets worried and may be upset if adults or boys talk to him strictly. Barsbeck is a very vulnerable and friendly boy. But more than anything else, he is afraid of cancer, with which he has to go into battle as a little boy!

Don't leave Barsbeck in trouble! Help to cure him!

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