Time is running out to save Radik while there's still a chance.

23.03.2024 06:57

Our fundraising efforts are progressing slowly, and we need your support. Your help could make all the difference in securing the crucial funds needed for Radik's life-saving transplant. Please consider donating or sharing our message with your friends and family to help us reach a wider audience and find the main donor. 

Baby Radik, who is only 10 months old, is dying of a rare disease. Can you help?

In cases of primary immunodeficiency, the immune system does not function correctly, leaving the patient vulnerable to illnesses and infections. The patient can only sustain their health shortly by receiving a special medicine called immunoglobulin. However, once the effects of the treatment wear off, the patient becomes susceptible to diseases again. It is the situation that Radik is currently in - a simple cold can quickly develop into severe inflammation, and a runny nose can last for months. Unfortunately, immunoglobulin is not available for free, and Radik's family spends each day living in fear for their son's future. They are forced to create strict sterile conditions at home to reduce the risk of putting Radik in danger. The Khaidarovs are living a restricted life, confined to a cage of fear and uncertainty.

Radik is facing a significant threat as even a minor virus or infection can prove fatal for him. It is because of Bruton's disease, a rare genetic condition that hinders the production of immunoglobulin and B-lymphocytes. This condition affects boys more than girls, with the ratio of newborn boys being 1 in 1000000. Unfortunately, Radik has been diagnosed with this disease. The only way to cure him is through a bone marrow transplant. However, the procedure requires a considerable amount of money. 

Please help Radik to undergo this life-saving treatment.

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