Cancer wants to take away the main role in the girl's life!

19.02.2024 12:19

Ayazhan has always been a cheerful and sociable person who enjoys taking part in various activities. She is skilled at drawing and sewing and also has a dream of becoming an actress. Ayazhan watches different types of shows, including her favourite cartoons about Lady Bug, Elsa, and Moana. She tries to emulate the characters and thinks about which roles she could potentially play.

She had to abandon her character to protect her main role from the deadly disease.

At first, Ayazhan did not understand what kind of disease it was and why she was treated for so long. But then she humbled herself and decided that the main thing was not to give up! She dreams of going to the forest with her parents again, swimming in the pool, and travelling. She doesn't need other roles yet. She needs her own life, which Cancer wants to take away, as he already tried to take her leg once.

"My Ayazhan imagines going back home and meeting her family and girlfriends. She imagines what kind of wife, mistress, and mother she will become as she grows up. Ayazhan loves babies and takes care of them with pleasure. Even at her young age, she displays wisdom beyond her years, reasoning like an adult and defending her opinions. I cannot imagine my life without my daughter. We are very friendly and close to her. And every morning, I wake up with the same thought that kept me awake. How can I save my child? What can I do to get her cured? All I can do now is ask for people's help. Our daddy is working to pay back the debt he has already incurred for the treatment. Please help us to save our Ayazhan!"- girl’s Mother.

Your help is crucial for her recovery! To stop it is to cut off the girl's life. Help her survive!

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