Ayazhan Eskendir

Diagnosis: Cancer. Osteosarcoma of the femur.

Needed: Treatment at Severance Clinic in Seoul, South Korea.

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Aggressive Sarcoma is destroying Ayazhan's body, and wants to take her life!

In May 2023, Ayazhang was only 10 years old. But an insidious malignant tumour with the dreaded name Sarcoma wants to nullify not only the girl's anniversary but also her life! Mariam's mum cannot accept and give her daughter to the deadly disease. She appeals through the foundation to all people who are not indifferent:

 "I know that we did with our efforts everything we could. And now I am praying for help for my Ayazhan! We have nothing left but loans. But it has allowed our little girl to survive all these months. Please don't leave us alone".

 Ayazhan grew up as an active, cheerful and curious girl. She enjoyed drawing, sewing, dancing and playing with small children. With great joy, Ayazhan went for walks in the forest with her parents and watched her favourite cartoons about ponies, Pixies, Lady Bug, Elsa and Moana. Nothing foretold that trouble would come into her life.

 About three months before her 10th birthday, Ayazhan's leg ached in the thigh area. Her parents raised the alarm and as a result of check-ups and tests a tumour was found. The tumour grew very quickly and soon became visible to the naked eye. The board of doctors assumed that the child had Sarcoma. A biopsy could confirm the diagnosis. But it was at that moment that another ordeal hit Ayazhan! The girl's leg was broken in the thigh area where the tumour was located. In the regional children's hospital where her daughter was hospitalised, Mariyam, the girl's mother was told to get in the queue for a quota and prepare for the probable amputation of her leg ... There was practically no experience of effective treatment of Sarcoma in the Motherland.

 Ayazhan's parents began to fight for the life of their beloved only daughter. They took loans and holidays. Sarcoma, alas, did not give them time to think! And the upcoming May holidays created an additional delay. Therefore, to increase the chances of saving their loved one, the girl's parents chose the clinic with the shortest hospitalisation time. From that moment, they went to Severance Hospital in the South Korean capital Seoul, where Ayazhan was admitted for treatment starting on the 2nd of May.

 At Severance, the girl's diagnosis of Osteosarcoma was confirmed. She underwent two courses of chemotherapy, each of which lasted 5 weeks. Only after these, it was possible to operate on Ayazhan. In August, she had the soft tissue tumour removed. In addition, a part of her femur was replaced with a donor bone. After the operation, the girl underwent two more courses of chemotherapy. And now, when such a challenging part of the treatment is over, no funds are left for further continuation. Ayazhan Needed four more courses of chemotherapy.

 Sarcoma gives no chance for delay. If a relapse occurs, there is no more than a 10% chance of saving the child! The disease is so aggressive that there is no right to make a mistake, to stop treatment....

 "My mother’s heart feels that we did the right thing. Right here, in South Korea, we got an accurate diagnosis and performed the most complicated surgery. It is here that she is receiving effective care. Korean doctors are saving our little girl! And now, only the lack of money to continue treatment can ruin everything! Help save her! I believe it will be possible, but only with the help of kind human hearts! And I know that they will respond! I already bow to these people to the ground! And thank you all for not leaving us alone!" - Mariam, Ayazhan's mother.

 Help the girl to continue her chemotherapy! We can't let the most dangerous diagnosis nullify all the achieved results because they came at such a cost to Ayazhan! The child's life is priceless, and you and I can do something to save it

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