Happy International Mother Tongue Day!

21.02.2024 13:00

We are an international foundation that believes that all children in the world are the same. We work together to save children's lives because we know that a child's cry for help can be understood in any language. Today, on International Mother Language Day, we want to talk about what brings us together - kindness and the desire to make the world a better place for children.

The Kyrgyz language is one of the oldest in the world, and has been passed down through oral art for many centuries. Eventually, written language emerged, and the Kyrgyz language was first mentioned in Arabic, Chinese, and Farsi sources. It appeared at the same time as the Kyrgyz people, who emerged in the 3rd century BC.

The Kyrgyz language has its roots in the Chagatai language, which was a literary language spoken in various Central Asian countries. The ancient Kyrgyz language is very diverse and has been divided into three periods: Yenisei (VII-XII centuries), Altai (XIII-XIV), and Tien-Shan (XV-XVI). After the adoption of Islam in the tenth century, there was an influx of Arabic words into the Kyrgyz language. The southern dialect of Kyrgyz has the highest number of words related to ancient Turkic and Altaic languages.

In 1923, Kasym Tynystanov created the Kyrgyz alphabet based on Arabic script, which consisted of 22 letters. The first Kyrgyz primer, based on this alphabet, was published by Ishenaly Arabaev in 1924. This textbook was used in schools, and it led to the publication of the first national newspaper, Erkin-Too. In 1927, the Kyrgyz language switched to the Latin alphabet. However, in 1941, the language switched again, this time to the Cyrillic alphabet. Despite this change, there are still some letters in the alphabet that are not typical for the Kyrgyz language, such as p, x, and v. Our language is as beautiful and multifaceted as the Motherland itself! Let's glorify it with good deeds for the children of our land!

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