New Fundraising Alert: Radik has a high risk of developing fatal health issues if he catches any viruses, bacteria, or fungi.

26.02.2024 12:18

"When Radik was born, his parents were overjoyed. They already had a daughter and were eagerly waiting for a son. When Radik's mother saw him for the first time, she was proud and thought, "Is this really my son? He is a true champion!" However, a few days later, she learned that her beloved son was born without any form of protection."

This diagnosis had already been in their family with the baby's uncle, and it had been passed on to Radik on his mother's side. Boys are more susceptible to this serious disease. Tiny became one of those who were unlucky in this.

Statistically, Bruton's disease (agammaglobulinemia) is sporadic (the ratio of newborn boys is 1:1000000). Due to lack of immunity, any disease that is not dangerous to other people can lead to tragedy.

Radik's family adjusted their whole way of life to the peculiarities of the baby's health. Before going out or travelling anywhere, they weigh all the pros and cons. Because any mass holiday, a simple visit to a guesthouse or a trip on public transport is a zone of deadly risk! And most often, for their son's sake, they stay home. Once in a while, they visit relatives, but only when they are sure that everyone is healthy.

For Radik to have a natural defence of the organism, he needed a bone marrow transplant as soon as possible. In his home country, transplants are not available for his disease. The Children's University Hospital in Zurich has given the baby hope and is ready to accept him. But to pay for treatment for Radik's family is an impossible task.

We have an opportunity to help Radik. For this purpose, it is necessary to carry out BMT! "The mother of the baby is pleading for your help to save her son!"

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