Start the week with kindness by donating to help children

24.07.2023 13:00

We offer to make Monday the kindest Monday ever by sending any amount to support the Sunny Meals Project. Even the smallest donation can make a difference - if everyone who reads us does not pass by and sends help, how many seriously ill children can we support?

 The Sunny Meals charity aims to provide specialised nutrition to children who, for various reasons, cannot eat the food they are used to. Specialised nutrition plays a crucial role in the treatment of complex diseases. Parents of seriously ill children often turn to us with a request to purchase therapeutic food and specific medications required as part of the treatment protocol.

Goals of the "Sunny Nutrition" direction:

To provide specialised therapeutic nutrition for seriously ill children.

Purchase of expensive vitamins prescribed by the attending physician. Purchase of a specific group of supportive medicines.

By supporting the "Sunny Nutrition" direction, you help children whose body weakens by heavy therapy. It is in our power to help children live a life free from suffering. Support the direction, and give children the gift of a life without pain!

 We want children to live in a better world where there is no place for pain and suffering,  to make them feel supported by kind adults. We want as many people as possible to make it a noble habit to start the week with charity, such as helping children in need. 

Support the Sunny Meals collection, and give children a life without pain!

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Help children have a future

Our wards look at the world with their eyes wide open, regardless of illness. They believe that adults will help.

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