Severely ill children do not have enough medicines. Help!

29.01.2024 12:34

We are working to help as many children as possible. We are working to save as many children as possible. We unite people who care to help young patients receive vital treatment as soon as possible. Unfortunately, our beneficiaries often don't have time for long fundraisings, so we must raise the alarm.

We are asking again for all our helpers to unite. The Head of the Oncology department of the National Centre for Maternity and Childhood Protection contacted us and informed us that the little patients urgently need medicines. Chemotherapy kills not only cancer cells but also the immune system, so children are susceptible to many infections and viruses. Today, they need antibiotics. We are ready to purchase them soon and take them to the hospital, but we need to close the fundraising sooner rather than later. Please support seriously ill children.

On the 4th of February, the whole world celebrates the Day of Fight against Cancer. This terrible disease often leads to disability and death. But modern medicine knows how it can be prevented and detected in early stages. The National Centre for Maternity and Childhood Protection uses modern treatment protocols and employs professionals. Unfortunately, not everything is in their hands. Lack of medicines and parents' inability to pay for expensive analyses prevent children from being saved. Everyone needs to get prompt and quality treatment, regardless of their status and financial ability. 

Together, we can help them and give seriously ill children a chance to find a healthy future.

If you are willing to donate, you can do it here:

ELSOM and MBANK at 996505513523.

Optima gold card

4169 5853 5762 9285

Kaspi Gold card

4400 4302 3657 0955


k/s 1013810000430168

The cards are under the name of Dina Makarenko, Head of the Foundation.

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Help children have a future

Our wards look at the world with their eyes wide open, regardless of illness. They believe that adults will help.

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