The sun of Hope smiled on the children on their holiday!

01.06.2023 15:25

Today we celebrate International Children's Day! On the eve of this great holiday, the "Sun of Hope" Foundation held an exciting workshop for children. It was held in a rehabilitation center, "Baby Health".


They chose an elegant mirrored hall for the master class and decorated it with balloons and flowers made of balloons. Together with their parents, children sat at tables and on cozy sofas. Some kids even expressed their excitement with loud shouts of anticipation of the new and joyful things to come. Director of the Foundation, Dina Makarenko, was able to share the good news with those present that the Foundation has expanded its areas of assistance and is now helping not only children with cancer but also children with cerebral palsy and other diseases.  She said that on such a special occasion, the foundation staff would be pleased to introduce the kids to this wonderful world and give them a feeling of security and support!



Children were told that the uniqueness of this master class is that they will draw not just on paper but on the most real T-shirts! With the help of their mothers and grandparents, they could create their unique drawings and left colorful imprints of palms on the snow-white t-shirts, which were waiting for them on the tables with paints, brushes and markers. Of course, the pictures of their palms gave the children the most satisfaction! Even the adults had smiles on their faces the whole time. The kids were trying very hard and were sometimes more focused because they wanted to receive a T-shirt with their design as a gift and not spoil it! After the master class, everyone got delicious treats, and we had fun chatting.

Everyone was very grateful, left with happy smiles and certainly new exclusive T-shirts of their design, which no one else has! Smiles were shining on the happy faces of the children. They coped with a challenging design task!

Let the children smile on Children's Day and as often as possible! This day was very positive and remembered by beautiful T-shirts and good mood, thankfulness and wishes to the fund "The Sun of Hope"! We would also like to wish the children of the Baby Health rehabilitation center a speedy recovery, as The Sun of Hope itself smiled for them.

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