The Sun of Hope Foundation gives hope!

27.02.2023 15:40

The calendrical winter is not over yet, and the sun's rays are already shining through the windows! The sun itself came to visit the National Center for Maternity and Child Protection in Bishkek - the fund "Sun of Hope"!

Team members of our Foundation decided to organise a holiday for such children on the Day of Children with Cancer. The director of the Foundation, Dina Makarenko, said they wanted to do something pleasant for children and their parents, who are tired of the numerous medical procedures and tests, painful infusions and various examinations, and finally, feel at least a drop of joy in creativity and a boost of inspiration. And to immerse themselves in this atmosphere, the favourite pastime of all children helped - drawing!

To this end, we organised and held a master class where the children painted amazingly bright butterflies that sat on the edge of the artistic creations of the children and even their mothers who participated in the creative task at the end of the class.

The children came to the master class a little tense because they had already experienced so much. And it was a joy to watch them all relax and look forward to the process as if they had been immersed in this colourful, friendly fairytale world where there is fresh air, mountains, blue sky, turquoise sea, green and fluffy trees and soft grass, and of course a gentle, warm sun that settled in every picture. After all, there is such a beautiful and natural world somewhere behind the walls of the hospital. It's just that many children, because of their illness, have already forgotten this world, the life without pain, where children play, run and laugh.

We wish that all these children would return home to a normal child life, and in any case, to a happy and healthy one!

And now the drawings donated by young artists are decorating the office of the Sun of Hope Foundation! We hope, that the pictures the children created will help them recover, win and enjoy the sea, the sun, the fresh air and real life for many years to come!


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