Danis Khamidov

Diagnosis: Neuroblastoma of the retroperitoneal region with metastases

Needed: Treatment in Medical Park Clinic (Turkey)

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Danis wants to go to school, but cancer does not let him!

Danis grew up an active boy, went to kindergarten and played football. He has a loving family: mum, dad and little brother. Together, they travelled to the mountains and swam until the older son faced mortal danger.

When little Danis was only 4 years old, the kindergarten teacher drew his parents' attention to the fact that the boy had become less active. At night, he had a severe stomach and backache. His mother went with Danis to all doctors, from paediatricians and neurologists to urologists and surgeons. They started treatment for hydronephrosis, but it did not help, and he started sweating profusely. Perplexed doctors were already frustrated until they received the results of MRI.

The child was diagnosed with a malignant tumour with metastases and minimal chances for life!

There was only one doctor in the homeland who was ready to fight for Danis' life. Under his guidance, Danis underwent 13 courses of chemotherapy and underwent a complicated surgery.

"When Danis was taken to the surgery room, the doctor told us that the surgery would only take 4 hours as the tumour had become very small. But 4 hours passed, no news... 6 hours passed, and panic started... And when 8 hours passed, we were just completely hysterical about what was going on behind these walls with our son and why there was no news. The operation took 10 hours. They damaged the artery during the surgery. Danis lost 3.5 litres of blood. It took a long time to stop the bleeding. When Danis was taken out of the surgery room and brought to the intensive care unit, he was as white as a wall. I wanted to rush into his room, but they wouldn't let us in. The doctor appeared and said if he survived until morning, everything was going to be fine.  We begged all night just to see him for a second, hug him, and tell him we were there for him. At 5 am, the nurse came out to us and said: "He's awake, and he's asking about you! Go to sleep. The worst is over," is how the boy's mum recalls the surgery.

They could not continue the treatment in the Motherland. The child needed a bone marrow transplant, and the most affordable country was India. Mum and Dad were in despair. Children should not pass away before their parents- it is so unfair. So they came to a difficult decision to sell the apartment to save their beloved son. Unfortunately, after an examination at a hospital in India, Danis was denied treatment.

They found the saving treatment in Turkey. However, Mum and Dad had neither money nor property to sell for their son’s life. The rest of the money from the property sale was sufficient only for the start of the treatment.

Recently, Danis underwent another surgery to remove metastases in the occipital and temporal areas. Unfortunately, part of the tumour affected the eye nerve. The surgeon decided not to remove the eye but to try to treat the malignant cells with radiation, chemotherapy and immunotherapy.  

Mum and Dad don't tell Danis about the fact that cancer is a deadly disease. The child only knows that he has a lump that must be cured to return home. He steadfastly passes all painful procedures and, when he has some strength, he plays with cars and communicates with nurses. Danis is their favourite. Of course, the boy dreams of recovering finally and going to school like all his peers. He misses his little brother Alan very much. However, going through the total treatment protocol involves great funds, which one working father simply can’t pay.

"We can't cope with this expensive treatment on our own, and we are asking YOU TO HELP US! ANY amount is IMPORTANT. Any support and help is a huge contribution to saving the life of our beloved boy. Please help us to return home with our healthy and smiling son. We are very hopeful and grateful to you" - Timur, Danis' father.

Be merciful to Danis. The future of this charming baby depends on us! Help today so that the child can have a tomorrow!

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