4 February is World Cancer Day

04.02.2024 06:05

You have proven that our strength lies in unity. The fundraising for the Time to Help project is over!

Today, the entire world celebrates the Day of the struggle against cancer. This terrible disease does not ask for permission to enter, and does not look at wealth and age. Childhood oncology can be cured completely. At the National Centre for Maternal and Child Health, the doctors do their best to ensure a healthy future for the younger generation. Unfortunately, not everything is within their control- the lack of expensive medicines and financing for expensive diagnostics do not allow them to provide timely help to children.

It hurts for children who cannot get necessary medicines and examinations due to lack of money. Our foundation develops systemic charity. We want to give seriously ill children an opportunity to get the necessary medicines and screenings in time.

On the eve of Cancer Day, our latest fundraising under the "Time to Help" project is closed. The collected funds will soon be used to purchase antibiotics for the oncology department. At the request of the head of the Oncohaematology Department of the National Centre for Maternity and Childhood Protection Zhumagazy kyzy Bagynur, we will purchase some medicines that are constantly needed by the hospital. Cefzon S is a broad-spectrum antibiotic. Amikacin is an antibiotic used to prevent and treat infections. Its action is aimed at destroying the bacteria that cause infections.

Thank you to everyone who contributes to the Time to Help project development.

Everyone should get a timely diagnosis and quality treatment. Medicine should be accessible to everyone. By your example and kind help, you make a huge contribution to this noble mission.

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