1 March is the Thanksgiving Day in Kazakhstan!

01.03.2024 11:19

Dear friends,

Today, Kazakhstan is celebrating Thanksgiving Day - a holiday connected with history, politics, and real humanity. This holiday falls on the first day of spring, making it very symbolic. Gratitude is one of the two most important concepts of the universe, next to love. Just two words - love and gratitude - are powerful enough to melt any ice, break down walls, and build new bridges like rainbows. All misunderstandings and offences are washed away like a full-flowing river. 

On a day that marks the beginning of spring and the awakening of nature, we would like to launch a positive campaign to help save the life of a young girl from Kazakhstan. The campaign is called "Tails for Ayazhan".

Eskendir Ayazhan, 10 years old.

Diagnosis: Sarcoma. Osteosarcoma.

Needed: further treatment in Severance Hospital, Seoul, South Korea.

The fundraising amount: $12,000.

The deadly Sarcoma has challenged the charming Ayajan, who is only 10 years old! She is only a year older than Thanksgiving! And if people with the power of their soul and tradition support beautiful holidays, then they can with their kindest thoughts, words and actions support a seriously ill child - Ayazhan!

There is an old proverb from one of the many cultures on our planet that says, "From one thread to another, a naked man's shirt!" This means that even the smallest contributions, when added up with others, can become a significant amount of help. It can change someone's life, give them hope, and even pay for vital medical treatment. Right now, Ayazhan urgently needs this kind of help. She has already started undergoing treatment at a clinic in South Korea, but she needs more support to save her life.

In honour of the wonderful holiday, Thanksgiving Day, if each person donates a small amount towards Ayazhan's treatment fund, she will be able to continue fighting her battle against cancer. Your contribution can make a significant difference in her life.

So, for the amount of 13,579, this tail can be the following




3 579

Any act of kindness towards Ayazhan, a young and aspiring actress, would be a wonderful deed aimed at saving her life. She is a young and charming girl who dreams of becoming an actress. In ten years, Ayazhan may perform at a Thanksgiving Day concert and remember how her life was saved on this holiday. She will express her sincere gratitude towards those who saved her life.

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