There's no treatment for Aylin! Help her not to give up!

31.01.2024 10:13

Aylin has a complicated oncology. The medication that will save her is in short supply, and her mum can't afford it. But can't we just let her die?! Aylin has come back to the foundation with the hope of survival! Please help us!

One day, Aylin's temperature rose, her eyes swelled, the colour of her urine turned red, and her mother was terrified. To her horror, it turned out to be cancer. They took a bone marrow test for leukaemia under anaesthesia. The diagnosis was confirmed and then came the non-stop drips, tantrums, daily tests and sedation. Doctors continue struggling to save the baby's life.

Now, Aylin has finished the second course of chemotherapy, and she and her mother Akgul have been sent home for 10 days to rest and recover. These are long-awaited days of joy amidst the endless struggle. They don't know how this difficult struggle will end, but they believe and pray that sweet Aylin will survive! Funds are woefully inadequate.

At home, three other children (two sisters and a brother) are waiting for Aylin and miss her badly. Aylin is the closest friend to her little sister, Sabina. 

Six more courses of chemotherapy are ahead of her.  The little girl is feeling a little better, but she can't eat at all. Aylin has lost a lot of weight and is losing her hair. All the shock is making her cry almost all the time... The baby is under enormous stress from the deadly disease and the challenging fight against it. Doctors say that according to the latest tests, Aylin's body responds well to the chemotherapy, which is vital to continue. Only Mum has nothing to pay for this treatment, and she weeps helplessly, hoping for your help! Do not give Aylin to leukaemia!

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