Aylin Tolondueva

Diagnosis: Acute leukaemia (blood cancer)

Needed: Anti-tumour medicine "Daunorubicin", MRI, MRD diagnosis

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Save little Aylin from the pain and agony of leukaemia!

Aylin is only two and a half years old and is fighting for her life. She is facing a huge, overwhelming challenge - cancer. She cries all the time and is very scared of hospitals and doctors. The little girl has an unusual type of oncology, and her treatment requires expensive medicines and modern examinations.

Mum has no money to pay for her daughter's treatment. Help Aylin to survive!

Our new beneficiary's name is Aylin. Her beautiful name means "moonlight" and " a stream in paradise". And an equally beautiful, kind heart. She is a very smart and positive little girl. She's just like all the other little ones. She adores the cartoon about a shark, loves drawing, singing songs and smiling and just wants her childhood to be free of pain...

Before her illness, Aylin had a regular and happy childhood, and she even went to kindergarten for a little while, and everything was fine. The little girl was so excited about the new things in her life, and her mum had just started working. But a week after entering the kindergarten, she fell ill. The family decided that it was an ordinary cold. In the morning, the girl had a fever and swollen eyes. And when the colour of the urine became red, the mother was terrified. She took her daughter to the hospital to take tests. After receiving the results, they were sent to the children's oncology department of the haematology centre in Bishkek.

Under anaesthesia, they took a bone marrow test for Leukemia. Further events developed as in a terrible nightmare...

On November 3, 2023, Aylin was diagnosed with a terrible diagnosis of ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) B2 cell leukaemia. At that moment, the whole world turned upside down, and the ground went out from under my mum's feet. Many tears were shed. Mum didn't know what to do. She couldn't believe that her little girl had such a terrible diagnosis. But it was necessary to take herself in hand and fight against this rapid and cruel disease before it took her daughter ...

Preparations for chemotherapy began. It was frightening, and when the chemo started to enter the little girl's body, it was painful for her. Cancer is not defeated otherwise, and it is a battle of life against death... Little Aylin was on IVs all day and night. She started having tantrums. She was so desperate that they called a neurologist and sedated her. Every day tests were taken, but the situation was getting worse...

Unfortunately, the girl has an unusual course of illness:

- Intolerance to the Indian-produced medication "Asparaginase", provided free of charge. Asparaginase from another manufacturer is required;

- doctors recommend to include in the treatment the anticancer medication "Daunorubicin", which is not available in the hospital at the moment;

- the girl needs a private MRI and MRD.

Mum is in hospital with the baby, and she can no longer work. It is a question of survival as she needs to support her children, as well as provide treatment for her daughter. It's overwhelming! A mother of four is fighting cancer, which is trying to take her little daughter away from her. Let's not leave this little girl to perish.

We can only pull this little girl into life together by giving doctors more tools in the fight against blood cancer. They can't make it on their own and can't wrestle this poor little girl away from the fast-moving disease without your support!

"I don't know what this is for my little girl. She's suffering so much! I don't understand... for what... I'm asking for your help! I can't cure my daughter myself. I don't have the money. I can't work anymore. And I can't even pay enough attention to my three children, who are holding on by themselves, believing and waiting for me and Aylin from hospitals. We pray for your support and for this terrible disease to spare my poor little girl!"- said Akgul, Aylin's mother.

Mum is very grateful to everyone for any help! She is praying for you and all the children to be healthy and happy!

Fundraising for help to the little girl is conducted under the programme "Time to Help". And the main issue now is keeping the time left for Aylin to survive... Time to help save her life.

Along with Aylin's family, we ask you to please do not stay indifferent to her suffering!

They need help