We brought 600 copies of brochures to the hospital

03.02.2024 06:02

Every year on 4 February, World Cancer Day is celebrated worldwide. 

Last year, we published information brochures for parents of children with cancer in Russian language at the request of the head of the paediatric oncology department. This year, the hospital asked us to publish brochures in Kyrgyz.

We brought 600 copies to the hospital. Unfortunately, the hospital is now under quarantine for measles, and we were not allowed inside. Zhumagazy kyzy Bagynur, head of the Oncohaematology Department of the National Centre for Maternal and Child Health, gratefully accepted the donation from the Foundation in the hospital courtyard.

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Danis Khamidov would like to congratulate all the men on their special day!

23 February is now a national holiday that embodies strength of spirit and courage. This holiday has become a symbol of nobility, courage, and the unbreakable bond between generations. We would like to extend our warmest congratulations to all the men out there on this special day. May you always be healthy, happy, strong, and confident in the future.

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22 Feb 07:36

Omina got measles. She's surrendering to cancer. Please help!

Omina is exhausted of hospital walls. The poor girl is depressed. She always had long hair, but now even her eyelashes are falling out. Omina doesn't want to look in the mirror anymore. But the scariest thing is that soon cancer will take her away if money for treatment is not raised! Help save Omina!

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21 Feb 13:00

Happy International Mother Tongue Day!

We are an international foundation that believes that all children in the world are the same. We work together to save children's lives because we know that a child's cry for help can be understood in any language.

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