Akhmet went through a difficult period of treatment! You helped him!

31.01.2024 13:23

Dear friends! You are carefully following the news of our patients, and we are happy to share with you the information that some of them have already got help. Today, Akhmet became such a baby whom you have rescued!

This little boy survived thanks to the professional help of Turkish doctors and the dedication of his family. His mother is raising Akhmet and her older daughter and son alone. The father left them when the youngest son was just a baby, and when he learnt about his child's illness he found it unnecessary to even start struggling for his life. But the loving mother accepted the challenge of a complex form of Acute Leukaemia, which was treated at Medical Park Clinic, and brought the boy to Istanbul. An elderly grandfather brought a second grandson a little later, who became Akhmet's perfect BMT donor. It was overwhelming for all of them, but your support allowed them to fight for the baby's life. 

Now, the bone marrow transplant is over. Of course, there are still many challenges ahead, and Akhmet continues to suffer from side effects. They have had to ask for medical help several times a week. But Akhmet is going home! He survived the most crucial thing, the implantation. And his loving and caring mum has always been and remains by his side. And your kind human help!

Akhmet's mother, grandfather and aunt thank each of you - volunteers, donors, people who are concerned about their story - for everything you did to make the boy come home. Thank you! And may the little boy recover completely soon!

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