Omina Abdukayymova

Diagnosis: Biphenotypic leukaemia (2 types of cancer: AML and ALL)

Needed: Bone marrow transplantation at Emsey Clinic (Turkey)

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Spring Girl needs your help! Will Omina survive this spring? Please help!

Omina was a naturally cheerful girl until cancer struck her. It took away her smile and the inner light that used to brighten up everything around her. Her family gave her the nickname "Spring" when she was still a baby because she was always warm and had a radiant smile.

Omina has two types of leukaemia! It's heartbreaking to think that even very young children can suffer from painful and life-threatening illnesses. Double cancer can be especially devastating, leaving a child with little hope for recovery. In the case of a young girl who needs life-saving BMT, time is of the essence. Unfortunately, a bone marrow transplant is not an option in her home country.

We have only 100 days to raise funds, an amount that's difficult for an ordinary family to achieve.

A miracle can happen if kind people unite to protect a tortured child from cancer.

Little Omina is growing up to be a kind-hearted person who loves animals and aspires to become a teacher. Despite the challenges brought by cancer, she has not stopped pursuing her passion for drawing. It is heartbreaking to think that the life of a bright and cheerful 9-year-old like Omina could be cut short by a disease.

Two months ago, Omina started experiencing back pain and dizziness while at school. Her teacher called her mother to report her condition, and she was immediately taken to Jalal-Abad Hospital for medical attention. The girl underwent a blood test and was informed that her white blood cell count was low. The doctors prescribed medication to regulate it. For two weeks, Omina took the prescribed medicines with optimism, but unfortunately, they did not alleviate her symptoms. Her condition began to worsen. Along with dizziness, Omina started experiencing muscle pain.

It was necessary to identify the cause of Omina's illness. At that moment, no one could have imagined that it would be so serious. Omina's mother took her to the Osh Hematology Clinic where she had her blood taken again. Based on the results of the analysis, Omina was referred to an oncologist. Mum was scared because the doctors suspected leukaemia. The oncologist at the Osh clinic urgently gave them an appointment in Bishkek. There Omina's bone marrow was analysed and a terrible diagnosis was made: two types of something (biphenotypic leukaemia AML+ALL).

The doctors have scheduled five courses to save Omina, of which she has already undergone two. Three more courses remain. For about three more months, she will have to be treated in the paediatric oncology department. After that, a bone marrow transplant is inevitable. That's the verdict of the doctors. The chemotherapy has had side effects. Omina is suffering from stomatitis, fever, nausea, vomiting and constipation. Like all children, she endures them very hard and is scared of anaesthesia and procedures, but she loves her doctor Zhanna Almazovna with all her heart.

Omina does not know the truth about her illness. And mum tries very hard not to let her know what she is ill with. It's difficult. After all, this is no longer a little Spring, but a grown-up girl and, of course, she guesses what is happening to her. Omina is very afraid that she will be gone, that the disease will take her away. Her mum has to tell her that she has a bad cold because she often has a fever and must stay in hospital for a while.

Omina is very sad to hear this over and over again. In the hospital, she enjoys drawing, doing puzzles, and watching cat videos, listening to music, and sometimes watching doramas. She particularly loves cats and has one of her own.  She misses him a lot, and dreams of going home and never going back to the hospital again....

"The doctor told us that This particular flower species is quite uncommon and we need a bone marrow transplant operation. Such an operation is costly and can only be done abroad, so we needed a large amount of money. It is our only way to save Omina. I ask you to help us raise this money! Omina has two sisters who miss her dearly and pray fervently for her speedy recovery and safe return home. Omina and her older sister share a close and loving bond, being just a year apart in age. We love Omina dearly and want her to live. Kindly extend your help to us in any way possible. Thank you."- Omina's mum.

Please grant Omina a miracle! Help her to become healthy!

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